Mid Pines: Hidden Amongst Giants

Mid Pines: Hidden Amongst Giants

Embarking on a trip to Pinehurst, NC, the inevitable question arises, "Did you play No.2?" While Pinehurst Resort holds a prestigious position in the hearts of golf enthusiasts, the outskirts of Southern Pines boast hidden treasures defining the true essence of the region's golfing prowess: Southern PinesPine Needles, and the peerless Mid Pines. All three courses bear the unmistakable signature of Donald Ross, standing as unsung heroes, far from the limelight of Pinehurst No. 2.

Mid Pines, the crown jewel among them, transcends being just a golf course; it's a living testament to Donald Ross's genius. What enamors us at Penfold is not only its architectural brilliance and challenging layout but the palpable sense of tradition and heritage that envelops every inch of the property. The sprawling building on the hillside isn't merely a clubhouse; it emanates a timeless atmosphere, a tribute to eras gone by, echoing the days when Penfold was synonymous with excellence in the golf ball industry. A vintage Penfold golf ball vending machine from the 1930s proudly sits atop the pro shop counter, a nostalgic nod to A.E. Penfold's signature golf balls that would have been shipped out of his Brooklyn factory straight down the railroad with the Northeast patrons stopping by Pinehurst on their way down to spend winter in Florida.

Mid Pines distinguishes itself not only through its well-preserved design or challenging holes but by the pulsating heartbeat of tradition coursing through every fairway and green. The clubhouse interior acts as a portal to another time, an immersive journey through golf's rich tapestry of history. It's an ode to the game, where echoes of legends and the subtle clinking of golf clubs weave a narrative that resonates profoundly with aficionados.

Credit rightfully belongs to Brett Harless and his dedicated team, who extend warm hospitality with a genuine welcome. Their palpable pride in Mid Pines is expressed with a refreshing humility uncommon in a sport often associated with formality. Mid Pines opens its arms wide to the game's history, avoiding the stiffness that can sometimes mar the reputation of golf and its professionals.

In the vast landscape of golf destinations, Mid Pines stands out not only for its exceptional Donald Ross design but for the seamless blend of tradition and warm hospitality. It's a place that invites golf enthusiasts to do more than play a round—it encourages them to immerse themselves in the living history of the game. Mid Pines, with its unique fusion of architectural brilliance, warm hospitality, and historical charm, emerges as a destination that authentically captures the spirit of golf—a sentiment mirrored in the enduring legacy of Penfold Golf.


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